Why the concept of “HR In.fluence”?

The term Influence, connects to HR professionals because success comes while working with and thru others.  It is never a stand-alone function.

Why I separated the word with a “dot”?  Because “In” is about “inside”, “intellect”, “inclusion”.

It is “inside” your mind that millions of connections happen to form new knowledge, ideas and views.

It is your “intellect” that generates conclusions, and triggers actions. The emotions are included in the dynamic, but I want to provoke objective thinking.

And, it is about “inclusion”. We aspire to contribute to the HR professionals, the people-managers and the employees.  All of those who day by day invest on efforts and demonstrate the commitment to achieve results, feel the satisfaction of creating world-class companies and reach their maximum potential in the development of their professional career.

Lastly, because the term “fluence” means “a stream of particles crossing a unit area, usually expressed as the number of particles per second.”

This site is an area dedicated to many ideas and insights placed in your path to provoke in you actions that are different.

Your HR In.fluence

When you work in any organization, every single day is different.  Particularly, when you work with People. For different reasons, they have the tendency to make things more complex than they should be.  Good news is: there are solutions!

In HR In.fluence, you will find practical ideas on Human Resources Management, Organization Development and Leadership that you can implement.  If you are a Human Resources professional, this website will help you become an effective Business Partner. If you are a business leader, this website will help you connect with effective HR solutions.  If you are a professional in any field aspiring to be the best people manager there can be, this website will deliver hands-on ideas you can apply!

Our aim is to inspire you to see situations about people and organizations with a different angle. I want to help you be an extraordinary professional!

Write to me! I am looking forward to hear about your challenges.  Also, I want to know about your experiences when implementing ideas inspired while reading through HR In.fluence.

Your success is important to me!

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