Ilia S. Rodriguez is an experienced executive, partner and influential leader who helps business leaders achieve organizational transformation during periods of accelerated growth and turnarounds. Her extensive experience includes leading Human Resources organizations to optimal performance. She specializes in delivering business value by:

  • Serving as advisor on effective organizational design and culture change
  • Enabling alignment of workforce performance to company strategy and financial performance
  • Guiding individuals to enhance their leadership skills and boost professional growth
  • Delivering activities that will advance team integration and performance
  • Generating innovative strategies to elevate workforce engagement
  • Upgrading workforce skills to improve performance and create opportunities for continued career growth

As a speaker, Dr. Rodriguez is an expert on multiple topics including:  organizational transformation strategies, HR role and effectiveness, leadership development among others.   She also serves communities by mentoring women in creating and growing their own businesses, entrepreneurs, and in non-for-profit organizations to develop personal and leadership values in younger generations.

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